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About the Institute

The Ise Institute is a fellowship program for young women looking for, are starting, and/or are relatively new to their professional careers. The project creates space for fellows to explore themselves personally and professionally, as they consider the challenges of their careers. Participants have opportunities to do this, ideally, before they begin seeking significant professional advancements. This network of professional Black women serves each other and The Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects by crafting strategies and developing practical ideas to navigate race, gender and other challenges in organizational, community and professional contexts. Women who work in education, public or social service, and non-profit organizations are strongly encouraged to apply, though other sectors are not discouraged. Additionally, applicants should also be committed to Black girls and women, low-income and other marginalized communities.

The Expectations

We lead in our work and personal lives with this philosophy: Power is space and time. This is meant in likely every iteration of those words one can imagine. Power is space. Literal space—to express physically with dance, verbally with a loud voice, or without a girl being told her braided hair is inappropriate during a school day. Black girls need space. Couple this with time. Time to play, mourn and rejoice, time to figure things out, screw up (which is such a luxury), and time to do nothing without fear of being called lazy. Space and time are power and from them come autonomy, self-actualization, liberation. Our expectations for you as a cohort member are pretty simple. Engage, be a part of and uphold the mission of The Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects. As a cohort member, we expect that you will attend and actively participate in workshops, sessions, activities, outings, and individual meetings offered as part of the Ise Institute's programming.

More Information

After interested parties have submitted completed applications, up to 10 fellows are chosen from the applicant pool to participate in the program. Fellows will be notified by email upon the finalization of the cohort class.

How to Apply

Applications for the Spring 2020 Ise Institute are now closed. Please check back in the fall for more updates.