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For too long, people who fight for justice have kept trade secrets, as if we’re not all fighting for the same thing. It is our intention to help individuals and organizations better organize themselves to seek justice and freedom more effectively, with better leadership and processes that get results.

In addition to the projects of The Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects, we also offer other services.


The south is rich with history, provocations and opportunities. Without context, though, one seeing these things is subject to do so with biases. The learning tours we host afford guests a chance to view the south’s past and present, highlighting how communities across the region respond to deficits and challenges. 


Collectively, we have decades of experience in

· leadership and organizational development
· mentoring
· curriculum writing
· storytelling and communications
· creative arts workshops
· social emotional learning
· cultural education
· facilitation
· research

What good is any of this if we don’t share what we know with other organizations and individuals? None.

Reach out to us if you’re interested in workshops and/or trainings related to any of the subject areas detailed above. From self-care and mindfulness sessions for staff, to learning how to use existing research in your work, we can help you figure it out. Further, just because it’s not listed above does not mean we don’t know someone who does, so ask, even if you don’t see what you’re looking for.