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Pitch Your Content

We, at The Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects, are always looking for thought-provoking stories and other content from marginalized communities, Black girls, (in particular, but not exclusively) and gender non-conforming people. We focus on the lives and experiences of women, and we provide a safe space to enlighten, express and share ourselves. We want to hear your unique stories of community, family and self. We want your triumphs and your disappointments. We want your tales of personal growth, and we want to hear about the growth that still needs to happen in our community, our schools and our government. Above all, we want our readers to gain a better understanding of and/or identify with the triumphs, the struggles and the beauty of Black girls and women in the Southeast and beyond. 

In addition to story and long-form story pitches and op-eds, The Lighthouse is accepting photography and original artwork for our online blogging platform, The Black Girl Times, and our monthly newsletter, The Black Girl Times Redux. Basically, if you find a way to express it, we’ll find a way to share it.  
Cute. But What are You Really Looking for?
We mean it: We want to hear about your experiences. With that, there are a few things that might make you stand out. Each month, we have an editorial theme board (kind of like the mood boards interior designers use) we post on our social media accounts (@luvblkgrls). The theme board is intended to be an inspiration and provocation of thoughts, ideas and feelings. Your response(s) can be literal or abstract and loose. And again, it might not have anything to do with anything we’ve seen. You’re creative. Show us so we can show others (and pay you for it). 

One of the most important things about all the storytelling we do is the essentiality of using narrative and voice to shift culture, perspective and, simply, to unburden. Black Girl Times Project relies on content creators to do this. We are Black. southern. girls, women and gender nonconforming. and resisters. We have stories and so do you. It can be your story or a story you have permission to share, but if there’s no story, there’s nothing that differentiates what we’ve built and continue to grow from what’s already out there. 

How Much Do You Pay?
Our payrate for writers depends on your level of experience, skill and other factors. The range is $0.10 per word to $0.75 per word, which averages out to about $200-$1,250 per story, depending on the pitch (or assignment).  
The payrate for art (i.e., graphic design, cartoons and photo essays) can range anywhere between $150 and $1,000.    
How Do I Submit?
We accept pitches whenever you submit them. We’d prefer you do that by filling out the form below to submit your pitch to our editorial team. You can also send us an email at Note: Our team is small, so it might take a minute to get back to you. But we promise you’ll hear something back from us.