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Melishia Grayson-Brooks

Director of Academics and Enrichment

Being a product of her environment was always Melishia Brooks’ main goal, despite the negative connotation associated with the idea. She is, by nature and nurture, a loud, charismatic woman with a southern drawl. Women who present as Brooks does are too often left out of intellectual conversations or those of academic nature. She knows this, as we all do, and so she remains true to herself, no matter the audience, always being sure to lead with love, knowledge and empathy before offering thoughts and ideas.  Because of this, Brooks was able to connect to her school communities on a deeper more compassionate level as a classroom teacher.

Now this educator turned advocate serves as the Director of Academics and Enrichment for The Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects where she strives to provide the team with the support they need in order to work alongside any Black girl or woman, no matter the person’s environment. She also works closely with the Idella Project’s Ise Institute participants and Joyce A. Ladner Fellows on personal and professional development. Brooks has accomplished many academic and professional goals, while being mommy to Kaylee, Scottie Jr., Ava and Asher. 


Meet Melishia

Organizational Emphasis: Academics and Enrichment; Septima Clark Academy

Hometown: Jackson, Miss. 

Favorite Movie: The Color Purple

The 4th Pearson/This is Us enthusiast

Pinterest DIYer