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Maya Miller

Senior Program Associate

Born on a day most consider unlucky, Senior Program Associate Maya Miller challenges the universe by taking risks and following her first instinct even when she can’t see the path directly ahead of her. Miller earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Jackson State University in 2016. She has written about crime, juvenile justice and reproductive justice, is an amateur photography and an avid fan of the bovine variety. Miller manages the McGee Project, and she hopes to elevate the Black experiences of girls and women through shared storytelling, art and film. She’s learned that adulthood means choosing her own bedtime and she’s not equipped for that responsibility just yet. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @MayaLMiller.


Meet Maya

Hometown: Florence, Miss. 

Organizational Emphasis: Reproductive 

and Juvenile Justice

Favorites: Baking enough cookies for a small country

Running, Cheesy Romantic Comedies, Faux + Live Horticulture