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Karnessia Georgetown

Dr. Joyce A. Ladner Fellow

As a Ladner fellow, Karnessia Georgetown manages the Reese| Gilbert| Brooks Leadership initiative. Georgetown holds a degree in economics from Yale University. While a student at Yale, she produced a docuseries recognized by Teen Vogue and the New York Times aimed at highlighting the diverse narratives of Black Yale students. Georgetown is deeply committed to the issue of education inequity. She spent a semester in Santiago, Chile where she studied Education and Social change and subsequently presented her research, an ethnographic study of a deaf school in Santiago and raising questions about special education and its power to evoke social change.

During college, Georgetown dedicated most of her time to mentorship and peer leadership, serving as both a volunteer debate coach and the curriculum director for the New Haven urban debate league, an early childhood education fellow for Yale’s public service institute, and a board member of Calvin Hill daycare.  She is a proud Jacksonian, yet she admittedly still has a bucket list of restaurants and places in Jackson she’s yet to visit. That’s a chief objective for her during her year as a Ladner fellow. Georgetown proclaims herself “Most Likely to Get on a Plane Without Knowing the Destination” and is a true free spirit, a lover of all things travel, group dance classes, pad Thai, and smoothies. Her dream is to hit every continent within the next five years. Right now, she’s four for seven. She regrets turning down that boat ride to Antarctica. 

Meet Karnessia

Hometown: Jackson, Miss. 

Organizational Emphasis: Economic

Justice and Education Equity 

Favorites: Dancing, 

Traveling and Reading