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About the Fellowship

The Ladner Fellowship is a year-long residency program for women ages 21-35, who are transitioning to the next phase of their career (educationally or professionally). If you are entering college, pursuing a secondary degree, or starting your career, and need the use of a gap year before heading into graduate school or your new career, you are so welcome to apply. We would love to build and deepen relationship with you, hoping that once you complete a residency with us, you will keep coming back, and intentionally and organically become part of The Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects team. This fellowship is, essentially, an opportunity for you to meet your personal and professional needs, over the course of the year-long residency, while contributing to the organization’s full capacity.

The Expectations

Our expectations for the fellow are pretty simple. Come, live, be a part. This fellowship has a residency requirement, that is more like a perk for you and a benefit for us. We will provide accommodations for you, as you use the benefit of a prolonged opportunity to grow. We expect that you will read with us, co-create the space with us, and let your passion pour out into the projects that move and enhance you both educationally and professionally. We value the time needed to continue learning and growing, and we offer you the space to do so in the form of a gap year. This residency is designed to provide the space and time that is essential to build on skills needed to move forward (whatever moving forward may look like for you). While living in community with us and the people we work alongside, you will have the full support of the organization’s staff and resources as you realize your full potential in moving forward to the next phase in your life. Work might look like time spent creating and writing about current issues surrounding Black girls and women. This might include editing the work of other writers. Work might also include assisting in organizing and implementing one of our programs workshops, activities or meetings. Your work will be centered around the growth needs you identify that make sense for us organizationally.

The Benefits

The Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects provides its resident fellows with a competitive compensation program in today’s market. We approach salary and additional bonuses as a total compensation package: wages, housing allowance, time off, educational and development leave, and other ancillary benefits, are all part of a compensation structure that sustains a comfortable quality of life for members of our team.

Thank you!

Thank you for visiting our website! Applications for the 2020 Dr. Joyce A. Ladner Fellowship are now closed.