Joecephus Martin

Director of Programs and Praxis

Father, son, visual and performing artist Joecephus Martin’s world is colored brightly, and mostly in red, black and green. Growing up in Mississippi, a state with rich history, deep pain and great potential, Martin, a Jafrica (aka Jackson) native, is a by-product of his environment.

In order to move his community forward, Martin determined it was incumbent to find ways to support parents and caring adults in their efforts to advance their children’s academic, psychological and spiritual lives. Through that work and growth of understanding issues in the Black community, he realized much of his analysis ignored the challenges and structures placed on the women that had reared and protected him.

As an artist, with his trademark Black empowerment lyrics, the hip-hop artist has performed nationally and internationally and has a loyal fan base. As a photographer and videographer, Martin creates and captures work to inspire and reflect the beauty of Black people, and he combines his formal education with voracious personal study. 

If he’s in a classroom, meeting with parents or on a stage, Martin is learning and working to improve his community as he has been for the past 10 years. He doesn’t foresee himself doing anything else.

Meet Joecephus

Organizational Emphasis: Showing Black men & boys

how to create safer spaces for

Black women and girls

Hometown: Juhannesburg, Jafrica 

Favorites: Being a dad

Creating art that reflects the

reality of working class Black people

“Find me in a Landcruiser or kitchen wearing Polo.”