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Jeanette Miller

Special Assistant to the President

Visual artist, writer and social justice activist, Jeanette Miller has lived and worked in the Midwest, Pacific Northwest, California, Texas and Mississippi. Her professional background is anchored in high-level executive administrative and operational support and management. She has served at various public and private universities and works virtually with high profile clients in publishing and fashion in Silicon Valley, LA and NYC. 

As an artist and writer, Miller’s creative work focuses on sharing the stories of how people in marginalized bodies move through their lives, with an emphasis on how and what contributes to their ability to thrive (or not) in today’s world. 

Miller has presented broadly on both collected and personal experiences of living in a marginalized body at Popular Culture Association’s National Conference in DC, San Diego, and New Orleans. She’s also been a guest speaker at Santa Clara University and the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language and Gender Annual Conference.  

Miller is published in The Politics of Size: Perspectives from the Fat Acceptance Movement. 

She holds an MA in English Literature from Portland State University and an MS in Leadership for Sustainability from University of Vermont’s Rubenstein School. She currently lives in Jackson, MS with her teacup chihuahua, Lafawnduh. Follow her on IG and Twitter @Wr1terGurl and find her visual art at 

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