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“Tell A Black Girl’s (COVID) Story” is a photo essay that seeks to tell a COVID story through the eyes of Black girls. The essay is part of the Lighthouse’s Stories of Resistance Project. The images depict Black girls ranging from the ages of 7 to 22. I have taken over 100 portraits utilizing various approaches...
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Finally, a cookout whose guest list you can control! This listicle isn’t meant to educate you on the obvious reasons why America’s ill-conceived idea of “independence” is not at all worth celebrating for any of us whose ancestors were torn from their homes and sold into slavery in a foreign and cruel land. We do...
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  Pssst! He oído a todo el mundo hablar del Agosto Negro, pero realmente no sé lo que es, es el 31 de agosto, y nunca me puse a hacer mis Google. Está bien. Te tenemos cubierto. Los negros estadounidenses siguen luchando por sobrevivir en un sistema social profundamente arraigado en la supremacía blanca y la antinegritud casi dos...
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People invite me places to talk to them. Sometimes the crowds are large; other times, they’re more intimate. But every time, they listen. I made the decision a while ago that I’d start saying what I wanted to say in case the invitations stopped. So today when the indomitable Deon Haywood from Women with a...
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