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(In)justicia reproductiva
By Briana Perry and Cierra Kaler-Jones   On Friday, the Supreme Court leveraged the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision to strike down Roe v. Wade. This devastating ruling allows states to ban safe and legal abortion at any stage of pregnancy. It’s estimated that at least 26 states are certain or likely to...
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In this world, our current world, male dominated, white supremacist structures are working to return women to the bondage that legal powerlessness brings. Nowhere is this clearer than in the fight for reproductive justice...In the care of a whole womxn, the goal must be access to reproductive justice, which encompasses access to abortion as well...
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Dear Black mother-to-be, Here’s what I need you to know about birthing in today’s society¾we are at war. Like many other institutions in the so-called Western world, we are not embraced by the medical “care” system when it comes to birthing our children. Often, we are acknowledged only as bodies in a room. Our spirits...
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Una enfermera de un centro privado de detención de inmigrantes en Georgia denunció algo que parece sacado de una pesadilla. La denunciante Dawn Wooten afirma que el Centro de Detención del Condado de Irwin en el que trabajaba realizó un número poco ético de histerectomías a mujeres inmigrantes detenidas. Sus afirmaciones confirman los relatos de las inmigrantes detenidas en el centro...
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