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Nuestro blog, Black Girl Times, ofrece a los creativos negros una plataforma para hablar de sus experiencias y de las de las chicas negras del sur, de las mujeres (en particular, pero no exclusivamente) y de las personas no conformes con el género en el sitio web de The Lighthouse. A través de este proyecto, los creativos utilizan la escritura, la fotografía y otros medios para subrayar la misión de la organización, elevando aún más esas voces en asuntos que van desde la justicia reproductiva hasta la música, la justicia económica y la cultura pop. Además, compartimos información importante para nuestra comunidad y para aquellos, igualmente, privados de derechos. Decimos con orgullo que nuestro objetivo no es dar noticias, ya hay gente que lo hace. Queremos asegurarnos de que la gente de nuestras comunidades sepa cómo las noticias de los medios de comunicación tradicionales afectan a su vida cotidiana.

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Welcome to May

So much of growing up is learning to parent ourselves – to soothe our own aches and pains, to listen to ourselves even when it’s late at night and we are tired and would rather go to sleep. We have to learn how to watch ourselves make mistakes and treat ourselves with compassion. Maybe we...
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TANF Designed to Be a Slush Fund, Say Officials

An ongoing investigation by Mississippi Today reporter Anna Wolfe and state auditor Shad White continues to uncover one incriminating possibility after another of greed and collusion. Former Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant appears to have conspired with former MDHS head John Davis to use the state’s welfare program as a personal slush fund to enrich themselves...
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White Supremacy Doesn’t Stop at the Bedroom Door

Earlier this month, a clip of Angela Yee’s podcast, “Lip Service,” began to circulate on social media. In it, rapper, Maino, talks about his sexual desire to role play a disobedient slave having a sexual encounter with his white mistress.   A friend of mine replied to the video with a reaction photo showing her disapproval,...
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Things we love in our homes that just make sense

Over the past two years many of us have spent more time exploring our homes and thinking about how we can make them more comfortable, beautiful, and practical. If you look at TikTok any length of time you’re sure to notice how much home improvement and design interests have inspired people. Do it yourself (DIY)...
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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is Fighting to Dissolve Black-Voting Districts

State legislators are currently in the process of redistricting, a process that occurs every 10 years and involves reforming old voting districts based on population shifts recorded by Census figures. Florida legislators have submitted two new district maps that preserve the two majority-Black Florida Districts, but DeSantis wants to use his own proposed map, which...
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A Quick Way to Add Luxury to Any Bathroom

Over the past two years many of us have spent more time exploring our homes and thinking about how we can make them more comfortable, beautiful, and practical. If you look at TikTok any length of time you’re sure to notice how much home improvement and design interests have inspired people. From do it yourself...
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It’s High Time D.C. Became a State, Say Residents

D.C. residents are campaigning hard for statehood in the aftermath of Congress’ push to undermine local marijuana laws. Residents are furious that the more conservative U.S. Congress recently passed the Harris Rider provision, which undermines the district’s effort to legalize recreational marijuana.  In 2014, D.C. residents voted in favor of legalizing marijuana, but  their effortto...
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How I Paid Down Almost $40,000 of Debt

I just finished adding up all the payments I have been making on miscellaneous debt – loans, credit cards, consolidate debt, etc. I knew I cleared a lot of debt, but I just tallied those payments from the last four years and wow. The total came out to $36,824.03.   If you knew more about my...
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The Secrets of Playboy or How to Be Foot Soldiers for Patriarchy

Content Warning: This piece discusses rape, sexual assault, physical abuse, and mentions murder and suicide.  For the past 10 weeks I watched the docuseries, Secrets of Playboy on A&E. As I settled into the stories, I got the sense that this is meant to be an exposé of both Hefner and the Playboy brand. The...
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Almost All Mississippi Judges are Running Unopposed This Year; That’s a Problem

The Mississippi Secretary of State’s website lists all Chancery, Circuit and Appeals court judicial races up for contest this year, as well as one special election for the Desoto County district attorney’s office. That list shows less than 10 of those roughly 100 actually qualifying as a race. The vast majority of these positions contain...
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Welcome to April: Airing it All Out

In her front yard my grandmother had three clothes lines that stood useless in the winter. But as soon as April hit each line sank under the weight of rugs and blankets. The blankets she washed in the machine and then hung in the sun. The earth underneath each one would darken with seemingly endless...
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Recap: Women’s NCAA March Madness

This year in 2022 marked the first time that the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament was allowed to use the “March Madness” logo and brand as a form of advertisement– finally!!! The women’s tournament completely lived up to the “March Madness” name – a name that brings much excitement, bracket-breaking disappointments, and close games.  The First...
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Money Matters: Black Women in Economics

Every time I think about inspiration and admiration, the first thing that comes to my mind is my mom: a single mother who worked full-time as a professor to provide for our small family comprised of her and I. She’s been a true role model in my life. However, when I think about someone at...
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A Few More Black Women to Celebrate this Month

Often when people think of Black women in sports, they think of basketball, track, and maybe softball and soccer.  But with the year that collegiate Black gymnasts are having, I think everyone should start thinking “gymnastics, basketball, track, and maybe softball and soccer.”  We know the OGs of Black girl gymnasts, Gabby Douglas and Simone...
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We need to talk about the way we are talking about Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and stalking 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not new to generating headlines. They are both notorious for their ability to garner attention and court controversy. I’ll be honest I have zero respect or tolerance for Kardashian – and that family – or West. Her and her family’s history of exploiting their employees, fetishization of Black men,...
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