26 de diciembre de 2017
In a song he hasn’t released yet, Pyinfamous references the super woke. I mean, I know y’all mean well, but we know meaning well is what paves the road to hell, right? Don’t. Well, make sure you know what you’re talking about before you start talking. Don’t be like me and defend Charlie Rose before...
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Editor’s note: One of the best things about hosting an online platform dedicated to the black girl voice is hearing their voices. When we heard about the adventure Leilani and Gloria Malone were taking around the world, we wanted to travel the globe with Leilani, the self-described Dominican, Mexican girl who loves all things anime,...
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Tenía 8 ó 9 años la primera vez que mi familia y yo celebramos Kwanzaa. Recuerdo perfectamente haber leído sobre la fiesta en la biblioteca de mi escuela primaria y haber preguntado a mis padres si podíamos empezar a celebrarla. Me pareció muy interesante que un negro estadounidense hubiera creado una fiesta que...
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