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"They came back and, without the knowledge of most of the legislature, they changed the bill to take half of that funding away from children in foster care and give it to children in private schools.”
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People often say children aren’t born knowing how to hate; adults teach them. There’s even a Nelson Mandela quote from his book, “Long Walk to Freedom,” where he drones on—no disparage intended—about no one being born hating another person. “People,” he writes, “must learn to hate. And if they can learn to hate, they can...
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In response to “The Complicated Genius of Taylor Swift’s Newfound Rage” … bullshit. Or what’s so complicated about white feminism, privilege and appropriation? Christopher Columbus in a formal gown. This is not to say that Swift has appropriated the cultural identifiers of other subcultures … (all the time), but contrary to the position of Diane Pecknold, the...
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