Hey 2021, In the before times, I had every intention of putting real effort into dating. A herculean feat considering I often find talking to men both tedious and incredibly boring. I downloaded an app, and I hate dating apps. Enlisted a friend to help me with witty responses and fretted over my lack of...
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Per my Aunt Becky’s research, the following was true: There were no Black people in Salt Lake City, Utah. Therefore, she reasoned I had no business going there. Her theory ended with me being kidnapped, raped then killed. I rejected both her research and rationale, jumped on an airplane for the first time in my...
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F**k R. Kelly. Not in the way we usually bash celebrities. No, in a real, only-his-security-and-my-children-are-keeping-me-from-stepping to-him or I would be in jail kind of way. I mean it like Nipsey and YG meant it in that song about Julius. F**K. R. KELLY. (Note: ** replaces “uc.”) It’s strange to me that so many of...
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