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Self Improvement
Many people have asked me how my freshman year in college went, and I simply say, “It went,” because I don’t know how to categorize it. I’ve had many highs, and several lows. It’s taken me the entire summer to process my freshman year, and as I think about it, Karyn White’s song “Superwoman,” often...
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“What I can offer every Black woman is empathy. Just because I don’t f*ck with you, just because you can’t come to my party and I’m not trying to go to your party, and I’m not buying your books, and I’m not liking your Instagram pictures— just because that is the case does not mean...
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We sat in a square, not a circle. There was grey patio furniture with black pillows that’d been repurposed as a sectional, accent chairs reupholstered in a dark floral pattern I wasn’t sure I liked, and a large, grey ottoman with tufts and peg legs that stood in the middle. There were also two black...
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This article contains reflections related to child abuse that may be uncomfortable or triggering for survivors and some others. Years ago, I began writing a poem about one of the languages my mother spoke. It began, “Pain is my mother’s tongue, but I speak it fluently.” I thought the line was dope. I did my,...
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