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Natalie’s Favorites List
Y’all know by now shopping is one of my talents. I let you down at the end of the year last year. Your girl was sinking. But I’m back. Let’s gooo! Leave a comment and let me know what kinds of trinkets you’re buying for V-Day.
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I’ve always worked a lot. This year was no different. The pandemic required we shift the way we do most of our work at The Lighthouse and demanded we do some things we haven’t done before (like putting money aside specifically to give individual microgrants to people we work alongside who have been financially impacted...
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I love gift-giving so much my friends and family call me when they have to buy gifts for others and ask me what to buy for people. Said people can be perfect strangers to me, it doesn’t matter. “Tell me a little about her,” and we get started. The best gifts are a combination of...
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