Meditative Moment
How much happiness can you find in a day? I’m grateful that I can enjoy the small pleasures of life. Here is a quick list of tiny things that bring me joy.   A sunrise in the morning, when the golden rays hit the clouds and that sun shines through my window in the morning, it...
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Every day is an opportunity to claim your worthiness. Affirm it when you first wake up, in the mirror, on the way to work, after lunch, before bed. Speak into your life that you are worthy. Here are some affirmations to guide you.
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Hey, Black girl! How’re you feeling in the New Year? We’re only a few days in, so whether you’re up or down, there’s plenty time left to plan your ideal year. Are you looking forward to more success in 2021? Good health? Positive relationships? Financial prosperity? Grab your pen and pad, sis. Let’s get intentional.  Say this with...
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