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In His Words
There was a woman born from a Lotus Her heart was golden, deep as the ocean And then this one man, he came and broke it ‘Til it was open, just like a Lotus Oh, yes, there were explosions She found her focus, the beast awoken # I almost died twice before I was even born.  The first would’ve been via abortion. In...
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Dear Breonna, It’s been almost four weeks since the editor made this writing assignment to me, and this letter is still hard for me to write. I was given this assignment because of my experience organizing after a death like yours, when state power, once again, was untamed and unleashed on a 12-year-old boy. Tamir...
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Last week, the nice lady who lets me do research for The Lighthouse (that would be Natalie) asked me to put into writing how it was that I “handle being the only white person in the room.” My first reaction was to wonder why the question was even necessary.“Mixing easily with non-whites should be effortless...
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