Mississippi retiree Brenda Cheeks knows all about  the COVID-19 pandemic burning through her state. She doesn’t miss the news on her television. As of Dec. 14, Mississippi reported 1,648 new confirmed cases of infection. A few days earlier, the state hit a record of 2,457 new cases, which is astounding in a rural state with...
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A nurse at a private immigration detention center in Georgia blew the whistle on something that sounds right out of a nightmare. Whistleblower Dawn Wooten claims the Irwin County Detention Center she worked at performed an unethical number of hysterectomies on immigrant women in custody. Her claims confirm accounts by detained immigrants at the facility...
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As the seasons changed from autumn to winter, I found myself reflecting on the transitions I’ve gone through this year. Throughout last winter, spring and summer, I stood in the emotional intersection of enthusiasm, uncertainty and fear. After working for the same company five years, I felt stuck, like I was not making progress. I...
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