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After living in Los Angeles for more than six months, I’ve come to a turning point. I relocated from New Jersey in February after spending most of my adult life on the east coast. I was constantly grappling with the fear of missing out on life in New York City with friends and family, but...
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Human beings are social animals who naturally try to find groups of people with similar tastes or beliefs. It’s not unusual for women to desire friendships with other women, but we live in a patriarchal world where every human interaction is measured against the standards of cisgender heteronormativity. “There’s a level of relatability that you...
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In the hair section of a Target in the suburbs, north of Atlanta, my 3-year-old sister pointed toward a purple bottle of shampoo and said, “You should get this for Et-ra, your best friend.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her I was taking a break from my 11-year-old friendship with my friend, Iqra,...
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