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Flavor in Your Ear
1990s hip-hop greats Salt-N-Pepa, TLC and Missy Elliot traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to Cuba not by airplane or boat but through radio waves. The signal may have been weak, but the message and influence were strong. Afro-Cubans in Alamar gathered to listen to the few hip-hop stations that they could pick up from America...
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In memoriam of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, who helped us liberate our minds and bodies, groove on the dance floor, reminded us of our responsibility to community and celebrate spirituality all at the same damn time, a Spotify playlist to take you on a similar ride. And if you prefer Apple Music? Rest,...
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We were inspired. Local DJ, Young Venom, curated a playlist for the Mississippi Museum of Art, and we decided, “Why not curate one for the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum’s opening, even though they didn’t ask?!” So we did. We have. And we’re sharing it. Here’s to #blackgirljoy that even 45 can’t dampen. There’s been so much...
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