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Black Girl Summer

Black Girl Summer is a summer intensive research program that makes research accessible, practical, and relevant. History has shown us Black girls, women and other girls and women of color will be the ones who lead the way toward and to liberation. Black Girl Summer focuses on the pillars of Research, Economic Well-being, Communities, Advocacy, Wellness, and Scholarship. 

Current Initiatives

Community Collaboration: Mississippi Delta

We want to hear from Black girls and young women ages 16 to 26 years old who currently reside in the Mississippi Delta about their experiences and needs due to the pandemic. These responses will assist us in designing community interventions to help meet these needs.

Join us as we create a safe space for you to voice your opinions about the progression of your community!

We ask that you please respond to the three brief surveys below to help us design interventions with you in mind. Your voice, opinion, perspectives and experiences matter.

The only personal information we will collect from you are your first, middle, and last initial. This information will not be shared with anyone outside of our research team members assigned to Black Girl Summer, and you will not be able to be identified in any way due to your responses. We would greatly appreciate if you are able to complete all three surveys to help us make our programs most effective with your perspectives in mind.