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Our blog, Black Girl Times, offers Black creatives a platform to discuss their experiences and those of southern Black girls, women (in particular but not exclusively) and gender non-conforming people on The Lighthouse’s website. Through this project, creatives use writing, photography and other mediums to underscore the organization’s mission, further elevating those voices on matters ranging from reproductive justice to music, economic justice to pop culture. Additionally, we share information important to our community and those, likewise, disenfranchised. We proudly say our aim is not to break news–there are people doing that. We want to ensure people in our communities know how the news in traditional media impacts their everyday lives.

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The Church is My Home, Even When I’m Not There

The church I grew up in was the same church my grandmother grew up in. Going always felt like reconvening with distant relatives and the church itself served as a kind of home-away-from-home for me. The church was where I met and developed childhood friendships. When folks discovered my gift of singing, the church celebrated...
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Navigating Girlhood | A Letter of Advice to Black Girls

Hey Black girl,   I know you do not know me, but I recognize who you are. I recognize you from your colorful and acrylic beads, the tiny moles in the corner of your eye, the space between your teeth, your chubby cheeks, and the many shades of brown that you are. It is a blessing...
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Keep Reading | May Book Releases

Here’s a list of upcoming and newly released books by Black authors: On Juneteenth, Annette Gordon-Reed (May 4) (Nonfiction) Annette Gordon-Reed is an American historian best known for her research on Sally Hemings and the children she birthed to Thomas Jefferson, the man who enslaved her. In her new book, Gordon-Reed shifts her focus to another...
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Keep Listening and Learning | April Podcasts

This month, we at the BGX have been reflecting on what it means to use where we’ve been to decide where we’re going. This list of podcast recommendations highlights folks who are great at reflection and planning, assessment and goal setting. Pop in your earbuds and pull up a chair because this month we’re setting...
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There’s Something About Missy

I want to highlight one of my favorite musicians: Missy Elliot. She is a rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, visionary, and role model. Simply stated, Missy Elliot is Black Girl Magic personified.  In thinking about her career, it is difficult to choose just one song as my favorite. While she was not the first woman rapper,...
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COVID-19 and Spanish Flu Pandemics Both Aggravated by Machismo and Lies

Back in 1918, a previously unknown influenza crept over the world, infecting almost one-third of the planet’s human population. The world was a chaotic mess at the time, with several European nations and much of the Middle East at war. World War I was the planet’s first major-scale international conflict, and it had been going...
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Keep Watchin’ | April TV and Film Releases

Maybe by this point in the pandemic you’ve run out of shows to watch. No worries — we have you covered! April has a number of new releases that offer themes from the horrors of white supremacy to the artistry of Hollywood legends. Check out what you can tune into this month: “Concrete Cowboy” on...
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Say Her Name: State-Sanctioned Violence Against Black Women

  The murder of George Floyd set the summer of 2020 ablaze. For eight minutes and 46 seconds the country watched in horror as he was murdered before our eyes. Two months earlier the murder of Breonna Taylor received almost no national attention. Why did Breonna’s state-sanctioned murder take so long to enrage the country?    ...
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Black Artists, Black Art

At The Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects, we love art. We especially love art created by Black women and girls. Because we here at TL|BGP believe in sharing the stories and lives of Black women and girls in their own words and through their own visions, we want to bring you the opportunity to explore Black...
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A Letter to My Sisters

When BGX editors asked The Lighthouse staff to write a letter to a woman they loved, it inspired Margaree Jackson to reflect on what it’s meant to be a big sister. She wrote a poem, and in celebration of National Poetry month, we decided to share it here to affirm the sweet bonds of sisterhood....
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Keep Reading | April Book Releases

  Here’s a list of upcoming and newly released books by Black authors: It Doesn’t Take a Genius, Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich (Apr. 13) (Middle Grade) This coming-of-age book tells the story of Emmett, a boy who attends a historic Black summer camp where his older brother, Luke, is a junior camp counselor. The two have always...
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House Resolution 1 Explained

    Trump-related record turnout among Black people last November has one political party panicking hard, so much so state legislatures run by white people are working to pass a rash of new voter exclusions and restrictions targeting African Americans, especially, it seems.* The state of Georgia passed the most odious example in March. Members...
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Black Artists, Black Art

At The Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects, we love art. We especially love art created by Black women and girls. Black art and artists are becoming more popular as institutions like museums, mega galleries and auction houses are extending an invitation to open previously closed doors (Hand, March 14, 2021). Like many opportunities that are...
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Mexican Border Crisis Revealing Who Has a Soul and Who Doesn’t

With the nation facing nearly 2  million migrants at the southern border, the Biden administration is working to process the biggest migrant surge in 20 years. The situation is making clear which officials have a trace of humanity and which ones don’t.  Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), for example, revealed his moral vacuum to reporters this month. During...
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Keep Listening and Learning | March Podcasts

We’ve been listening to some great podcasts this month. Here are just a few.  the friend zone With a new release every Wednesday you are bound to find something you can relate to in this positive and informative podcast hosted by Dustin Ross, HeyFranHey & Assante. They tackle mental health, mental wealth and mental hygiene each week. These are longer...
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