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Leilani Malone
October 23 My mom and I are back in Thailand! But this time we’re going to Chaing Mai.  On the flight here, there was this creepy guy who looked about late 30s staring at me. He wouldn’t stop, and I told my mom. She told me to do what I thought was best. So when...
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Phuket, Thailand September 29, 2017 Ugh. So my mom and I just landed in Phuket, Thailand. We had to wake up at 3 am, and the flight left at 5 am. … a few hours later We lost our only purified water bottle in the airport, but we have the straws, thankfully. We spent about...
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Editor’s note: One of the best things about hosting an online platform dedicated to the black girl voice is hearing their voices. When we heard about the adventure Leilani and Gloria Malone were taking around the world, we wanted to travel the globe with Leilani, the self-described Dominican, Mexican girl who loves all things anime,...
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