Ashlee Kelly
When the COVID-19 quarantine started, I thought “How hard could this be?” This time last year, I was concerned about the lack of time I was spending with Alex, my 2-year-old daughter. I was trapped in a cycle of work, sleep, repeat. Although at the beginning of sheltering in place, I would be home with...
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For Women’s History Month, I am immensely grateful to the women whose past contributions are still beneficial, and I would like to introduce you to Arlan Hamilton. Hamilton is the founder and managing partner of Backstage Capital, my mentor and godmother, although, it is highly unlikely she is aware of the latter. Backstage Capital is...
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Tiny homes are not new and have existed for as long as houses have existed. Henry David Thoreau discusses the first documented tiny home in “Walden,” published in 1854. While some of your favorite tiny home TV shows are a bit extreme, the average size of a tiny home is 700 square feet; although, the...
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