The Lighthouse
There are sacred Christmas songs and maybe a couple you’ve never heard before, ones that slap,  Kwanzaa-inspired jams and a party song or two. These chanteuses will get you through the next several days, whether you’re hosting dinner, a cocktail party, or need a soundtrack while you’re chilling by yourself and reading a book. Merry...
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We were inspired. Local DJ, Young Venom, curated a playlist for the Mississippi Museum of Art, and we decided, “Why not curate one for the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum’s opening, even though they didn’t ask?!” So we did. We have. And we’re sharing it. Here’s to #blackgirljoy that even 45 can’t dampen. There’s been so much...
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This article contains reflections related to child abuse that may be uncomfortable or triggering for survivors and some others. Years ago, I began writing a poem about one of the languages my mother spoke. It began, “Pain is my mother’s tongue, but I speak it fluently.” I thought the line was dope. I did my,...
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