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Adam Lynch
An article the Lighthouse produced on Haiti’s recent travails took an unexpected turn last month. Our focus had begun with the damage of colorism in Haiti, but it could not possibly stay a “Haitian story,” not with all the similarities and parallels between the little island nation and the U.S. For starters, multiple sources we’d...
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Most white people in the U.S. lazily tuck African-Americans away into one category: the Black one. There’s some variation within that “Blackness” but it’s mostly limited to “black,” “blacker,” “scary black,” “less black,” and “high maintenance.” You’re lucky to get that much from white people because most of them are too busy shouting “I don’t...
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President Joe Biden recently met with Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) to try to hash together a deal on financing a massive rebuild of the nation’s ailing infrastructure, but time is running out for Biden and Democrats to overcome Republican efforts to tank a bipartisan deal. Critics say the GOP is hoping to sink the...
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