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Keep Watchin’ | June: Blackity Black, then a Little Blacker

June is Black Music Month! Juneteenth! Pride! BBQs! Father’s Day! A celebration of Black businesses! Here is a list of movies celebrating those themes – enjoy!

Image of the text "Black Wall Street" brightly graffittied onto a wall


Father’s Day is around the corner, and in this movie, Black fathers represent. After the unexpected death of his wife, a widowed father brings up his baby girl as a single dad. Facing his doubts and fears head-on, Matthew (played by Kevin Hart) sets out on a journey to be a dad. This movie features Kevin Hart, Alfre Woodard, and more familiar faces. There promises to be laughs and tears in this heart-warming movie about Black fathers inspired by a true story. Premiers Netflix June 18 

Sisters on Track

This documentary follows three sisters who face obstacles on the field as track athletes and in life. Follow Rainn, Tai, and Brooke Shepherd as they journey to pursue their Junior Olympics dreams. Premiers June 24 on Netflix.

David Makes Man

The highly anticipated second season of this Peabody Award winning series follows David, a Black boy who lives in South Florida. David attends an elite and mostly white magnet school and must straddle the differences he experiences between the tensions in his school life and the challenges of his home life. In this season, the story continues to explore Black boyhood while also examining Black men’s relationship with therapy. Premiers June 22, 2021, on OWN @ 9/8c.

OWN Spotlight: The Legacy of Black Wall Street

Part 1 & 2. This documentary is a two-part docuseries that shines a spotlight on Black Wall Street and Tulsa’s violent history against this Black community. This documentary gives an in-depth account of the bombing of Tulsa and the following cover up by city and state officials. It also tells the story of how one hundred years after the 1921 massacre, Tulsa’s Greenwood district navigates obstacles in an effort to rise again. A new generation of entrepreneurs is determined to renew, rebuild, and keep the legacy of Black Wall Street alive. Premiers on OWN on June 8, 2021.

Rise Again: Tulsa and the Red Summer

This documentary, created in partnership with National Geographic, follows DeNeen Brown and her search for mass graves in Tulsa, Oklahoma used to bury the hundreds of people who died in the 1921 bombing of Black Wall Street. As she pushes Tulsa officials to re-open the search for mass graves, Brown shares the history of other Black people and their communities that were targeted by white supremacists and destroyed during America’s “Red Summer.” This history of violence gives important context to the tragic massacre in Tulsa and heightens the importance of finding the bodies of those who were taken. Premieres on Hulu on June 18. 

Juneteenth: Together We Triumph

This is the second consecutive year ABC News is producing a special to honor the history and significance of the Juneteenth tradition. This special honors the history and significance of Juneteenth and includes guest appearances by President Barack Obama, Michael Strahan, H.E.R., Leslie Odom Jr., and other Black leaders, artists, and thinkers. The show premiers on June 18, 9-11 PM and will be available on June 19th on demand and on Hulu.

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