May 29, 2020
Young students all over Mississippi and the South are celebrating their high school graduation under the shadow of COVID-19. Schools have taken to breaking up graduation ceremonies into multi-day events in order to keep participation low and reduce the risk of spreading the deadly disease. Clinton High School, for example, broke their celebration into 19...
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With overcrowded units, dated prison facilities, obscure cleaning methods and a shortage of COVID-19 tests, there is no reason to assume the virus isn’t running unchecked through Mississippi’s prisons, say attorneys. For this reason, a host of organizations are calling on the state to finally update two of its biggest prisons to reflect post-COVID threats....
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I am coming to accept that the Hot Girl Summer I was looking forward to might become an extended season of self-isolation, or maybe some parody of The Purge where people fight over packages of toilet paper, while neglecting the soap and disinfectant aisles altogether (as if that isn’t part of the reason we’re in...
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