May 15, 2020
It doesn’t take any real level of scholarship to understand Mississippi has struggled with equity since it was granted statehood more than two centuries ago. That trend has continued with the state’s latest—and honestly feeble—attempt to address the disproportionate economic and social toll the COVID-19 pandemic is exacting on Black Mississippians, who represent nearly 40...
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When the COVID-19 quarantine started, I thought “How hard could this be?” This time last year, I was concerned about the lack of time I was spending with Alex, my 2-year-old daughter. I was trapped in a cycle of work, sleep, repeat. Although at the beginning of sheltering in place, I would be home with...
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Pregnancy and childbirth are as old as time but pregnancy and childbirth under the cloud of COVID-19 is not reliably recorded anywhere in human history. Until we find proof of an earlier outbreak of this particular strain of coronavirus in our species’ medical record, we can safely say this is an unenviable first.  We can...
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