February 25, 2020
The last few years have brought a revival of Black art and ramped up a proliferation of Black creatives receiving their flowers while they can smell them, especially at the box office. Is it getting to be too much, though? Director and filmmaker Ava DuVernay undertook the massive duty of recreating a pivotal legal case...
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When my mother turned 16 in 1985, her mind was focused on two things: escaping Tylertown, Mississippi, a place she had grown to love and hate since moving there from Chicago, and choosing the college that would provide her the space to fulfill her dreams. At school, she walked under the shadows of multicolored walls...
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Tiny homes are not new and have existed for as long as houses have existed. Henry David Thoreau discusses the first documented tiny home in “Walden,” published in 1854. While some of your favorite tiny home TV shows are a bit extreme, the average size of a tiny home is 700 square feet; although, the...
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