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Counting on Katherine: How Katherine Johnson Saved Apollo 13

The name of my book is “Counting on Katherine.” The author of my book is Melanie Becker.

This book is about Katherine Johnson. She was a mathematician, she was among the first Black women in NASA and she saved Apollo 13. She had to face many problems because she was Black and men didn’t think women could do things. She could not go to college in her county because it was for white people and she was Black and she could not become a mathematician because, in those days, there were no jobs for women as mathematicians. She overcame those problems by being patient and staying strong.

I can relate to Katherine Johnson because I also love math. I recommend this book because it can make a change from “I hate math!”, into, “I love math!”'
About the author

Ava Thompson is 7-years-old and loves to see other people happy. She is an imagination engineer, creating new realities where she is the heroine, making the world a funnier, more colorful and musical place to live in.

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    Ava is an extraordinary young lady who is packed with so much potential. I wait with so much excitement to see her life unfold with accomplished goals that connected to her ultimate purpose for coming to earth.

    Special thanks to your great teacher (mom) for pouring into your intellectual spirit.


    My sweet Ava!! I enjoyed reading your report. I’m glad you can see yourself in Katherine. She has a great story, and you young lady are on your way to creating a greater story for yourself. Love you always! Space is not the limit!
    Uncle Friday

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