Editor’s Note: This is the first in a multi-part series that considers the extensive impact of Black women on politics in the United States. Though not new in praxis in our own communities, #trustblackwomen is slowly becoming a fairly common chorus, even in the mainstream. Where would this country be had it begun to trust...
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About a year ago, I wrote a quick reflection about self-care. I’m going to share it again but want to share what prompted it. A dear friend sent me the screenshot of author/professor Roxane Gay’s tweet and a response by her author/professor peer, Melissa Harris-Perry about self-care. Gay writes: “Today I was told ‘you excel...
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Last Thursday night, people quietly crowded into theater #9 at Malco Grandview of Madison to see Jackson, the documentary. Jackson shines a light on what life is like in a place where the ‘pro-life’ movement has made access to legal abortion almost impossible. Mississippi has one clinic in the entire state that performs abortion procedures....
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