Black Aesthetic
From the southern heat to the breezy Pacific northwest coast, The Lighthouse team recently traveled to Portland, Ore., for a work retreat. Nicknamed the City of Roses, Portland is home to the famous Blue Star donut shop (my new favorite) and the largest number of street food trucks in the United States. Upon our arrival...
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No one can take their mom for granted like a son or daughter. This story is about seeing my mom in unfiltered light and freedom. This liberation comes when her husband (my dad) is not around. This piece is a dart to his ego and a prayer said to my mom’s heart, urging it to love...
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During the eight years President Barack Obama served in office, it was his wife, Michelle, who ruled when it came to fashion and style. While many of us wished we could have seen our former First Lady sporting the perfect natural twistout and wearing gold hoop earrings, as depicted in those fictitious pictures that float...
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