Kwanzaa’s Seventh Principle Imani | Faith

Imani | Faith

by The Lighthouse Staff

I have faith in the power that Black girls and women possess. May their power continue to create spaces that are safe, secure and conducive to growth and prosperity. -MB

I have faith in the power of a well-written sentence. I hope that all young Black girls and women will use their creativity, their joy and talent to tell their stories and make art that illuminates even the dimmest of corridors. -MM

Faith, in my view, is the steadfast belief in an undefinable, unconfined force larger than my conception that in all things ensures my best interests, and those of humanity, are served. In 2019 I seek to become more steadfast in my daily walk of faith, to not get sidetracked by circumstances that appear to run counter to goodwill in all things. – BB

I believe in the generations of Black men to come. I have faith they will use their blood and sweat equity to advocate for the betterment of the lives and material conditions of all Black people. -JM

I believe in the beauty—internal and external—and ingenuity of Black women and girls. I know with space and time, we have the capacity to be the change we need in our lives and communities. We are the ones, as June Jordan told us, we have been waiting for. -NAC

I have faith that the tenacity of our mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends will be repaid in kind with softness and love because we deserve it. – RH

I have faith in 2019 that black girls will flourish holistically and embrace the best parts of themselves. I have faith that I can receive the love people present to me and find the love for myself. I have faith that in 2019 that I will have more faith in God and myself. – JH

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