Kwanzaa’s Sixth Principle Kuumba | Creativity

Kuumba | Creativity

by Reagan Harvey

The Kwanzaa principle of Kuumba means creativity and is celebrated on the sixth day. Kuumba teaches us to commit ourselves to make contributions to the world that leaves it safer, more beautiful and more compassionate than we inherited. This principle insists we nurture our gifts and honor the teachings of our ancestors, to cherish and seek freedom, truth and faithfully pursue peace. It urges us to engage in personal and social practices that are intentional and beg constant self-reflection, thereby positively affecting change in our communities.  It also challenges us to take up the task of daring to sacrifice, and maybe even struggle for the greater good.

I am just becoming familiar with the principles of Kwanzaa, and Kuumba struck me as the most profound because it speaks to the importance of transformation of self. One of our seven core principles at The Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects is creativity and innovation. Because the communities of girls and women we work with depend on our ability to push boundaries and evolve, and because, if I’m honest, 2018 has been only a slightly less blazing dumpster fire than 2017, it is refreshing to be reminded of the promises I’ve made to myself and those I care for. Cheers to evolution!

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