September 2017
In response to “The Complicated Genius of Taylor Swift’s Newfound Rage” … bullshit. Or what’s so complicated about white feminism, privilege and appropriation? Christopher Columbus in a formal gown. This is not to say that Swift has appropriated the cultural identifiers of other subcultures … (all the time), but contrary to the position of Diane Pecknold, the...
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As a psychology graduate, I’ve spent the last four years of my life offering advice on mental wellness, from self-diagnosing to guiding friends to speak to someone (well within the limits of my degree, so don’t come for me for being a “fake doctor”), and each time, I tell anyone who asks the same thing:...
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Yesterday evening, I drove around downtown Durham, North Carolina, looking for the place where the statue had been taken down. Thanks to a friend of a friend, I realized I’d driven right by it, unbeknownst to me, and was as unmoved by the recollection of it as I was when I just happened by the...
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