July 2017
F**k R. Kelly. Not in the way we usually bash celebrities. No, in a real, only-his-security-and-my-children-are-keeping-me-from-stepping to-him or I would be in jail kind of way. I mean it like Nipsey and YG meant it in that song about Julius. F**K. R. KELLY. (Note: ** replaces “uc.”) It’s strange to me that so many of...
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People invite me places to talk to them. Sometimes the crowds are large; other times, they’re more intimate. But every time, they listen. I made the decision a while ago that I’d start saying what I wanted to say in case the invitations stopped. So today when the indomitable Deon Haywood from Women with a...
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Y’all Don’t Pay Me Enough to Afford Fireworks … Ahhh, July 4th. A day where patriots across this never-so-great land celebrate our foremothers and fathers waging and winning war against the Redcoats and declaring U.S. independence once and for all. Personally, it’s a day where I get to gorge myself on red meat and spend...
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